Monday, October 17, 2016

To the Rescue!

Off to the rescue!

I just want to say that I have no idea what happened to the time while I have been in this area. I got here in August or something like a week ago and now its October AND I'm going to complete 11 months some time soon. Maybe my companion is pranking me with the calendar and date on our watch. I know time isn't supposed to go by this fast!! Really, it feels like we are going into May or July because it is starting to warm up, but we all know that's false. I guess its October now, but I have no idea because Chileans don't do Halloween or pumpkin spice. Those are the two big clues in the states. One thing that I do know is going on is that there was a huge hurricane last weekend at home. I'm glad that everyone is ok. 2 things that Chileans ask me about is the presidential race and also about clowns? Usually for both questions, I just tell them to visit Canada instead.

Anyways, this past week in our sector, we got to organize a huge activity in our area that we worked. What it is, or what its called is el rescate ( the rescue). This was my first time participating in one of these. The activity is to go around making sure that people live where they say that they have lived. This, for more than anything, is important because if something bad happens, like an earthquake, or even a hurricane like just happened back in South Carolina, someone would be able to leave with this list of people to go make sure everyone is okay and if they need anything. So we were going around to verify all of the names and addresses. The complicated part was there was some 400 names that we had to divide up among 30 groups of people. I kind of felt bad because Elder Gali ended up doing a lot of the busy matching names to streets and then assigning them to a group because he knows the town way better than I do. I tried to make a video of the process of the whole thing but it came out with a weird watermark. Anyway, the rescate came out to be really successful. Everyone that participated had at least one spiritual experience while they were working. So, I was exited about that. After all was said and done, the list was just about completely taken care of except for like 10 people. 

This past week, the struggle was real on Sunday. I think that I have said this before, but just in case, my personal goal for this area is to have 50 people in church because this is a really small church. 50 was the goal that I set when I arrived here. I just want to bring to your mind something that either bugs you or bothers you or just makes you antsy..... what ever that thing is for you and however you feel while you are doing it. THAT is how I felt in church!!! There were 49 people there. I probably counted like 20 times, but the number never changed. The whole time I wanted to leave just to go grab someone from the street. My comp wouldn't let me but, we were so close!!! But, I'm pretty pumped for next week because we will probably reach that goal!! That just means we are going to be working that much harder this week to reach it. I know that it is possible!!

I hope everyone has a good week! I'll talk to everyone next week!! 

Elder Brayton
I think Elder Brayton misses his Yella dogs!

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