Monday, February 8, 2016

Halfway done training! 2/8/2016

Zone Conference

This week was the last week of my first cambio (transfer) in the mission field. Cambios are every 6 weeks and we got to end ours with a baptism! The baptism of Magdalena! We work in the same sector as the assistants to the president so we usually help them out when they are traveling so even though Magdalena was found by them we got to teach almost as much as they did. In reality they did most of the work but it is still such a great blessing for the Quito ward.
Last night after a meeting that we almost always have on Sundays, consejo de barrio ( ward counsel), we were walking around in part of our sector that we usually are never in, because we just felt like we needed to be over there for whatever reason, but looking back on it, it had to be a prompting from the Holy Ghost, and we ran into Magdalena at the park with her son! The same woman that was just baptized that week. It was amazing because she had been praying for an answer of a way that her 11 year old would start coming to church. And my companion, being the seasoned missionary that he is came up with a plan to get him interested to come to church. So we made a deal with her son, every week that he goes to church we are to teach him one new magic trick. Usually we only use these with young families with little kids. And I have noticed that if you teach the children first the parents learn also but they also can see the kindness in the missionaries. My teacher in the MTC taught us several for this exact purpose. But her son accepted and Magdalena was so excited from this little experience. Just from her praying and exercising her faith she was able to receive almost an immediate response. It is small miracles like this, that make serving a mission worth every second.
Also before I forget, our area just got a whole lot bigger. This is because one of the elders there injured his back and so he couldn't work so he had to return home and his old companion is now in a trio else where. But I am very excited to work in this new area as well as to continue working in the area I am in now. I know that we are going to find some awesome people this next week!!

Love Elder Brayton      

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