Monday, February 22, 2016

Milagros en Chile (Miracles in Chile)

Steep hills to walk in Antofagasta.
Always smiling!
Hello! So this week I figured out that my new favorite thing to do is to teach people how to pray. Most everyone here knows what prayer is because pretty much everyone has some history with the Catholic church. But usually they were only baptized and then they never went back. So the part that I love the most is that after they learn how to pray and are willing to do it with frequency, I can see the changes start to happen in their lives. Prayer opens up to them a direct line of communication with their Heavenly Father, they can start to develop a relationship with Him, and after that their faith grows so fast! Some people are a little stubborn so they don't think that they need to pray, but the people that humble themselves and are willing to plead to their Heavenly Father for help in their lives; the change with them is almost immediate.
        The other thing that I want to talk about is something that I believe is nothing less than a miracle. So while we are out and about working during the day it is not uncommon for someone to offer us something to drink. More often then not it is juice or water, but the thing with water here is that water from the tap is very bad for people who are not from Chile and it will make them very sick. But not everyone can afford to buy bottled water, so without knowing I have drank the tap water multiple times. And not once have I gotten sick from it. I didn't really realize how dangerous it was until recently a missionary from Mexico that is in the sector next to our couldn't work for a day or 2 because he was so sick from drinking the water. Then when I was doing my personal study multiple times in the scriptures there are promises that missionaries will be protected from poisons.( Mark 16:17-18) After reading this and realizing how blessed I have been during this time in Chile, it was a huge testimony and faith builder for me!

That's about it, I got to upload photos this week for the first time in almost a month! So now there should be plenty to look through!!

Love from Chile
Elder Brayton        
Finally a park with trees and green grass!
Some things never change!

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