Tuesday, December 20, 2016

English 101

Elder Gali, Enzo and Elder Brayton

Dec 19, 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! People here are all doing last minute shopping, so downtown has been packed all day today. I am really excited to be able to Skype this Sunday with my family and see and hear everyone. This will be my 3rd of the 4 calls I get!! It is crazy to think that the only one left is Mother's Day .... and that's it. 

On another note, Inez and Nelson are going to get married!!!! They are planing to get married the first week of the new year. I couldn't be happier for them and their choice! They do have almost 32 years together, but I guess its better late than never!! That is all they are talking about now, is how silly they were for waiting for such a long time.
If everything goes well this week we should have a baptism this weekend for Christmas Eve and then the confirmation for Christmas day. Something that we did last week, all the missionaries in Copiapo went to a hospital and sang Christmas carols to everyone there! It was a blast and we got to just about every floor in the hospital. After we were all done, it had been like 3 hours, and nobody could talk.

Also starting this week, every Tuesday I am going to be teaching English classes at the church building! I'm nervous because I have no idea where to start teaching but excited at the same time to start practicing English more. By the time the class is all over or I leave this sector, everyone that is in those classes will probably end up with a southern accent...but only when they speak English!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Elder Brayton

Christmas Conference

Dec 12,2016

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday was the Christmas Conference for the southern part of our mission so pretty much all day we were in talking with the Mission President and his family. It was pretty much a normal conference for the most part but we had a huge lunch and after there was a movie and ice cream! Then after all that, we went out and played soccer with the President and his family for part of our p day. So today we have a half day to go out and write and to buy food and other stuff that missionaries need. At the the conference yesterday got a package that was sent to Vallenar by mistake. So I got a sweet package from Jud filled with all kinds of candy and beef jerky and socks! Thanks SO much for that Jud!!!!! 

My companion finally got here late last Tuesday, His name is Elder Castañeta and he is from Bogota, Columbia. Me and him are pretty big jokers but we have been going at it like crazy this past week! We have been sharing a lot about the current Christmas season. There is a video in particular that we have been showing everyone that is from the church and lasts about 3 mins called light the world. I have seen it about a million times now but it is still a super neat video that everyone should see! 

Enzo, who got baptized about a week ago, is doing super well too! He is always learning or reading something new in the Book of Mormon and the principles book, and he always asking the craziest questions that usually I dont't know the answers to! We also have this other family that I am hoping and praying that they can get married and baptized before New Years. Not because anything will change after new years but they have been together for 31 years and almost have grandchildren and they still haven't gotten married. I think that's enough procrastinating!!!!!

Have a great week!!
Elder Brayton

Elder Gali Left Me!

Saying see you later to Elder Gali

Dec 5, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Elder Gali is going to Iquique. My new comp is going to be a Columbino that is coming from Arica, but he wont get here until 3 am tomorrow! This last week, Enzo made the decision to get baptized while his dad was in town. The service was amazing!! Elder Gali did the honors because he was leaving, but it was still really exciting for everyone. He even has been inviting the members to get more involved in la obra misional. {missionary work}. On his way out, Sebastian gave Elder Gali a watermelon and Elder Gali just about cried he was so happy!!! Today is a bit crazy, like transfers usually are, because all day people are leaving and arriving in the bus terminal.

Also something new that has changed in the mission.  it is the amount of time that we have to write. Now we are limited to one hour, where as before we could write all day if we wanted to. So what I am lacking in letters and stories, I will have to make up in lots of photos and videos to send back. Sorry this is short, but I'm sure that I will get better at this new rule and manage time better or type faster, or something.

Anyways, Love y'all and we´ll talk next week!!!
Elder Brayton