Thursday, November 26, 2015

2nd email on Thannksgiving

Derek also received an email with a little more detail: 

Hola mi familia y amigos,

This week has been a blast here in the Mexico MTC. I'm not really sure where to start so I'll just start at the beginning. After landing in the Atlanta airport I went straight to my gate and after waiting for what seemed like forever another two missionaries showed up. Elder Sheldon y Elder Pitt, both of them from Virginia and both of them know each other. So, fast forward to the Mexico City airport, this airport is the biggest  airport I have ever seen. So as we come through immigration and customs we are herded through lines and down hallways, but everything is in Spanish and everyone is speaking Spanish, so between us three missionaries that are together we knew enough Spanish to get through. Customs seemed way too easy to get in. After I got my bags I walked up to two lines, one of them with metal detectors and scanners for your bags. The other line had no security at all, so when ever I stepped up in line I was told to push a button (I still don't know what it was for) and then was told to go down the line with zero security. It seemed way too easy but that's all that was required to enter into Mexico. After that we found the driver for the MTC and waited around for a few more missionaries to show up and then we headed off. At this point it is about 5 pm, and what that means is Mexico City traffic. I have been in traffic in some big places before, like Charleston, St. Louis, and Salt Lake, but compared to the stuff that we drove through those seem like a Sunday afternoon cruise. But I have some serious respect for our driver, he was going in and out of traffic like he was in a little smart car, but in reality we were in a 12 passenger bus. Once at the MTC we had all kinds of orientation and seminars about adjusting to your new language and your new calling. We had classes like those all the way up until Saturday night. The days at the MTC are very long, we have 16 hours of language study and scripture study every day except  for preparation day. There are some here that have been here for 5 weeks and are speaking nothing but Spanish. And what is even crazier than that is that I am not too far behind them. The learning is at an extremely fast pace. I have already learned how to teach lessons, share my testimony, and pray in just 7 days! But I have made plenty of mistakes. The worst one was probably when we were teaching a lesson and we asked the investigator if he would pray. The word for pray in Spanish is orar, but what we said was orinar, that is in Spanish to urinate. So we asked our investigator if he would urinate.... But in my defense that was only the Friday that I got there. I am not too worried about it because I will probably make plenty more mistakes. My Companions are great! I am in a trio companionship. Elder Eagar y Elder Sheldon. Elder Sheldon is the one that I met in the Atlanta airport, he knows so much Spanish and Elder Eagar is a huge 300lb. guy but he has a very kind heart. Before this he took Chinese in high school so he knew zero spanish before he came here but he has learned alot too! Even here in Mexico I have found either people that I know or someone that we have the same mutual friends. Well that's all for this week, I will send pictures later today!

Elder Brayton 
 L-R: Elders Eagar, Sheldon and Brayton

Week 1: Thanksgiving email!

Cami received the first email from Elder Brayton Thanksgiving afternoon. She'd been checking all day. I fell Wed a.m and injured the good knee. That's what he is referencing in his email below. His email in black.

This will be the family email.

So did Beau just like her new knee so much that she decided that she wanted another one or what? Also AMAZON DELIVERS  to the MTC, so that is really cool. In the picture are my companions, the front and back of my casa and the wall that surrounds campus. Also the missionary that the Harrops know in this MTC, hermana Amos, Yeah we are in the same district, and our district is only 9 people in size. The food here is good, I am not sure what anything is but nothing has made me sick yet. Today they made us a Thanksgiving dinner and we watched a live stream from the Provo MTC of a devotional.
I'll write more next week! 

Love y'all!!!
Elder Brayton
He also sent a lot of pictures from the MTC in Mexico City. Looks like he is getting settled in. Not much information in the email and none about the pictures. Here are a few. 


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Safe arrival in Mexico City.

Cami received a quick email from Elder Brayton last night. Here's an excerpt.

Hello family, I have arrived safe and sound here at the Mexico MTC and the keyboards are very weird. I just got done eating dinner and have checked in with the Doctor I will keep this short but I will write back on my p day (Thursday) with pictures!

Lots of love,
 Elder Brayton!!!

Always nice to have contact and reassurance of his safety. Hopefully all had a good night's sleep.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Day is Finally Here!

Elder Brayton left on a 6:30 am flight today after being set apart as a missionary by Pres. Johnson last night. Bags were checked and double checked so hopefully nothing important was left behind.

Mom, dad, Carol and Claire left before 5 am to get him to the airport on time. Tracking the flight online lets us know he has arrived in Mexico City. Guess our days of online stalking our Elder are over...

Here's a video that uses the special musical number from Elder Brayton's farewell.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Called to Serve Him in Antofogasta Chile

Thank you for all the loving support as I prepare & begin this journey! I I am excited for this opportunity & the faith that the Lord has in me. Please keep in touch, See y'all in 2! 
Elder Brayton