Thursday, November 26, 2015

Week 1: Thanksgiving email!

Cami received the first email from Elder Brayton Thanksgiving afternoon. She'd been checking all day. I fell Wed a.m and injured the good knee. That's what he is referencing in his email below. His email in black.

This will be the family email.

So did Beau just like her new knee so much that she decided that she wanted another one or what? Also AMAZON DELIVERS  to the MTC, so that is really cool. In the picture are my companions, the front and back of my casa and the wall that surrounds campus. Also the missionary that the Harrops know in this MTC, hermana Amos, Yeah we are in the same district, and our district is only 9 people in size. The food here is good, I am not sure what anything is but nothing has made me sick yet. Today they made us a Thanksgiving dinner and we watched a live stream from the Provo MTC of a devotional.
I'll write more next week! 

Love y'all!!!
Elder Brayton
He also sent a lot of pictures from the MTC in Mexico City. Looks like he is getting settled in. Not much information in the email and none about the pictures. Here are a few. 


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