Monday, February 1, 2016

When you are in the service of your fellow man

This week we got to help one of our less active members fix his roof. People in Chile don't really need a roof because it doesn't rain, ever. Its more for the sun and the dust. He was really grateful for our help because his back is bad so he can't do much. He kept saying how strong we are. Also he gave us some sticks that I assume are for some kind of sport but I have never seen anything like it.

Mystery sport stick
I wanted to share an experience I had this week with a family that we have been visiting. The mother is suffering from a mild form of depression because recently their youngest son passed away in a car accident. He was 22 and it affected the family very strongly because they all lived together. Anyway, as we have been teaching them, I usually let my companion do most of the talking and I explain the lessons or just stick to the stuff that I know. For whatever reason this day I was poking fun at  gringos and the terrible Spanish accent we all have. This just made the mother of the family bust out into laughter. Me and the rest were so surprised that we couldn't help but to join in with her. I'm still not sure why she thought it was so funny but ever since then every time we are in that area, they welcome us in and give us food and drink. And they are always willing to hear what we have to say. I am hoping for great things from this family in the future. All together grandchilden and all they number almost 15 people.

Con amor 
Elder Brayton
Roof repair

Everybody loves pizza!

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