Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New President, New Rules, Same Greatest Mission In The World!

District meeting

On this week, in the Misión Chile Antofagasta, missionaries all over the north of Chile celebrated and rejoiced because now, we can play soccer!!  I have really mixed feelings about the recent change of presidents. The mission president and his wife are basically like our parents/bishops/boss and anything else that you could think of. I am exited to have the opportunity to learn and listen to and work with a new president but also a little sad because the Daltons have left. But as I have learned, the change of presidents brings in all types of things that are new and strange. 

For the conference that we just had yesterday to meet the new president, he showed us a clip from the movie Mulan, the clip where they are all training for the war and singing. And it was something extremely different, but I learned a ton from the conference and I kind of got an idea how President Ferreira is going to operate . 

Today, we got together as a zone to play soccer and it was SO fun to be able to run around with everyone and have fun. While I was playing I got to see a little bit of how deeply soccer in entrenched in the Chilean culture. As we played, there were people that would take a minute to watch us. Like some construction workers ate lunch as they watched. There were lots of older ladies that came out of their houses to watch, and it was really cool because in between the games( we were playing rotations)  some of the other missionaries and I could talk to those that were watching and get to meet them. 

This week has flown past and I have loved every minute of the work here! I Love Yáll so much!!! Take care!!!!   

Elder Brayton

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