Tuesday, April 12, 2016


President and Sister Dalton with Elder Brayton

The first few paragraphs are taken from the weekly email that Cooper sends to his mission President. This is the man who is responsible to the 200+ missionaries in Cooper's area. He and his wife are amazing people are we are VERY grateful for all that they do to keep Cooper and the rest of the missionaries safe, healthy and working!!

Cami & Derek
Letter to the President:

"These last 2 weeks we have been really pushing to follow word for word the notes from the zone training conference and we have seen the miracles! The part that we have been pushing for the most and also at times struggling with the most is the part about every investigator deserves to have a member present from the very first lesson. But as I have very quickly learned it is almost impossible to know exactly when and where we are going to find someone. But we have been trying our very best and like Elder Holland said in this last conference session "The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even if we don’t always succeed." 

I believe that because we have been putting in this great effort that the blessings we have seen in our lives and the lives of our investigators are a direct result of this. This week we got the amazing news that the partner of one of our old investigators has finally decided that he wants to get married! She was the first person I taught when I got here and now in just a couple of weeks she will have the opportunity to be baptized! Edith is one of the most spiritual people I have ever meet and even though she is not a member (yet), she has been attending church more regularly than some of the members.   As the sector is continuing to grow and we are striving to improve, we are seeing more and more miracles. 
This week we were approached by a less active woman from Peru.   She told us about her 9 year old son and how he had started to take the lessons from missionaries in Peru but could not finish because of time. And at the very end she asks us if we could teach and baptize her son and that she and her husband are willing to come back to church and do whatever necessary to have an eternal family.   

Lastly Erick and Nicole were married, and Erick was baptized and confirmed this weekend. And to baptize him my papito (Elder) Giadach came back to do it and to celebrate with them. "

That pretty much sums up what happened this week. Two other things that I am getting excited for is that we have been finding people to teach like crazy and everyone is golden to teach. I've been here for 3 months and I'm not sure where everyone was hiding before but all I know now is that we are finding them. The highlights of this week has been finding, not 1 but 2 families of 11!!! That and I have a list of specific people that I want to find and one of them is a person from the Dominican Republic (Because I have 2 friends that are there now) and this week we found one and his name is Robin and he is awesome!!! And its now official, I am in a companionship of 4. Not really but that's how it looks on the records because we are sharing a sector with the assistants. 

Lots of love from Chile!
Elder Brayton  

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