Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Filling up the Chapel!

Speak only Spanish

Hello to our family and friends,

As you can imagine, this email has me bursting with love for my son and our Heavenly Father. For any of you who knew Cooper in high school (Spanish classes specifically), you know that this is truly a miracle. Cooper never could have made it this far without the love, support and prayers of all of YOU!!!! From the bottom of my heart....thank you for loving my son and taking the time to include him in your prayers!!!



Here in the Quito ward, we don't mess around! This week we set the goal of having 7 of our investigators come to church. We worked our butts off finding and teaching and trying to get our investigators excited about coming to church. One of the things that we have been focusing on more than anything is making sure we always have a member present and finding people more effectively through the members and investigators. Now at the end of this week we met our goal of 7 people coming to church plus we also have 5 that have a set day to be baptized and are preparing to do just that! Me and Elder Duke are learning from each other and both improving like we never could have imagined. I want to give my testimony really quick on the power of the language and how fast I have been able to learn with the help of the lord. Today I complete 5 months in the mission, almost 1/4, and that scares me just a bit. But never would I have imagined being able to talk and communicate in the way that I can now and in such a short amount of time. I can communicate and say pretty much all I need to and even though every now and then I come across some words that I can't find. But even with that, I am starting to be just as comfortable with Spanish as I am with English. I don't think that I will ever blend in with my red hair and super white skin but the other day someone legitimately asked me if I was from Argentina and all I could do was to look at them and say that I was from the United States. Don't have a ton of time because we got turned around in downtown again. But thanks everyone for reading these and writing me!!

Elder Brayton      

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