Tuesday, May 3, 2016

More growth

Posting this a week late....

This week we have been continuing to grow our sector and find families. One of the amazing things that we found out this week is that Edith, one of our investigators that is preparing to be baptized, has been helping us find like crazy. She is the secretary for the campamentos, or the tomas (tomas means taken because the campamentos is land that has been taken from the government for people to build their own houses), that she lives in and so she knows almost everyone that lives up there and even better she knows how the church has blessed her life and how it could bless the lives of others. Just recently her brother moved in with her from Columbia to find work here in Antofagasta, and now he has started taking lessons from us and then in a a short time more Edith`s daughter is moving in as well. All Edith wants is for her daughter to be baptized so they start working towards becoming an eternal family. 
And in case I haven't said this yet, I love teaching people from the Dominican Republic. This week we met another person from the Republic and his name is Fello, but it is pronounced a lot like a Spanish word that means ugly. But ether way Dominicans are just a cool group of people that as far as I have see are always friendly and willing to talk. 

This week has been a bit odd for us because Sunday nobody showed up to church, members included. It has started to get really cold here at night and I think that might have had something to do with it but I'm not sure. But other than that, we have been continuing to find and teach a lot. It still surprises me the people that we find that are amazing and receptive. All I can wonder is how did I get lucky enough to find and teach them for the first time. Thanks all for your prayers and support, it definitely helps me every day!!!

Lots of love from Chile, Elder Brayton

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