Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Antofagasta a Arica

From Antofagasta to Arica

Welp, I got transferred to the northern most sector in Chile in the city of Arica. Arica, from what I have seen, is a precious city that is very clean and very well organized! My trip up here was VERY long, a bit more than 12 hours in a bus but it was very cool because we took the Pan American highway almost all the way up and it was all beautiful coasts and mountains. In this sector, I am only 10 min from the boarder of Peru. Also, technically, our boundaries for the sector covers all the way to Peru and Bolivia!! Fun stuff even though I don't think we will ever travel that far to go and teach. My new companion is Elder Palpa. He is from the city of Lima Peru and he has just like 3 more months than I do in the mission, so we are both pretty young. It is sweet because when we are standing next to each other, I look like a giant because he is only like 5 ft tall. But he has a huge heart and I'm looking forward to teaching with him later today!!! Also I don't have time today but next week I have to tell everyone about what I got right before I left Antofagasta! But until then,

Take care Everyone!!! 

Elder Brayton

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