Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Well this week was a very good week to be a missionary in Zapahuira. Not one, but 2 baptisms in our ward this week! One from us and one from the sister missionaries! And an end to the long streak of no baptisms in the ward. It was awesome because when I got here the Bishop had
been on vacation in the United States and still had 2 weeks left, so as soon as his plane landed in Arica(the same night as the baptisms),his first counselor called him and told him to go straight to the church, but didn't give him a reason why. So just as he is getting to the Church we were finishing taking pictures outside. I can only imagine the surprise when he finally realized what was going on! 

José, our convert, is awesome. I have never meet anyone more dedicated to the gospel than him. Right after the first lesson that we had with him he accepted right away to be baptized and that same week he was leaving with us to do visits and help us teach lessons! Its difficult to get members to go with us usually but José calls us and asks if he can come with us almost every other day! And he has all the desires in the world to go on a mission. I gave him my second set of
scriptures so that he can continue to study and learn! And he is already going to seminary in the mornings!

Elder Brayton

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