Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mi Historia

This week there was a sweet activity of the Stake where everybody that wanted to made a dish that was typical of their heritage and also brought some photos or something to show about their family. And because Antofagasta has almost a purely history of mining and trading there are cultures from all over the world. I learned that back in the day whenever the gold and copper was first discovered there was a huge rush from all places to come and claim a stake. As a result there are families that still live here today that have grandparents and great-grandparents from Japan, Italy, The United States, Germany, and Scotland. It was really cool to learn more about where I have been living and how it has developed over the years. I did not have any pictures to share nor did I know what a typical dish would have been for my family but so that I could contribute something I did the family tree from Adam until Jesus. And it was so cool to work on that through the week and to learn about the genealogy that is in the Bible.
Other things that happened this week was that I had a dream in Spanish! It was the weirdest thing to wake up from but at the same time awesome. Other things that have happened is that all this morning I had to do paperwork in central to keep working on getting my citizenship. The exiting thing is, is that I am only about a month or 2 from getting my carnet. And all a carnet is, is a card that says I am here and that I will have the equivalent of a Social Security number here in Chile.
And I finally uploaded photos today! After almost 2 months of trying to figure out whats was going on, we found out that my camera had a virus that made everything complicated and impossible to view photos. So here are 200+ photos!

Everyone enjoy their week!!

Elder Brayton     

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