Monday, June 13, 2016

Positive Peer Pressure

Hello! So as this week has been unfolding, we have had lots of
opportunities to teach youth not of the church and to spend time with some of the recent coverts that are also youth. The think that Elder Bednar promised in the training meeting back in January or February was that he said that the future of the church is with the youth in South America and that if we focus on working more with them then we will see a direct result in the work and in the investigators. Or something like that anyways. But as we have been having lessons with youth and gathering together in groups to help them strengthen each other. And during one of the lessons, I just sat
back to looked at everyone and what they were doing and how they were all acting and I remembered the promise of Elder Bednar. And I'm not really sure what to call it in Spanish but I have been calling it the positive peer pressure plan. And that is what it is! Before whenever I thought of peer pressure, it always came with a negative connotation.
But just like everything, there is a good side and a bad side. And that, here especially, it is hard for these kids to make good decisions and strive for better when they always see the negative. And I have seen some amazing friendships come from doing lessons like this. Just today for our p day we went out to eat with 2 recent converts that live here in Arica and a member that all she wants to do is to serve a mission. 

Okay, I'm out of time because we got to the cyber late but I will send photos next week!! Everyone take care!!
Elder Brayton

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