Saturday, December 12, 2015

Halfway Point at the MTC!

Notice the Solo Espanol designates he is only to spoken to in Spanish
This week was my hump day for being at the MTC, I have been here for 22 days not that I'm counting or or anything. But I have just over 2 weeks left here and then I will be on my way to Chile! I leave on the 29th on that Tuesday, pero I have heard that it is a long flight. It is about a 9 hour flight down to Santiago from Mexico City, and from there is is another 14 hour bus ride to Antofagasta. I super exited to get down there but the traveling will be killer. I guess it will give me plenty of time to catch up on some sleep and practice my Spanish. Speaking of Spanish, this past week my District committed to speaking 100% Spanish and even though it was really difficult it turned out to be really helpful. Now I can hold pretty simple conversations in Spanish, and teach full discussions. Also I have been hanging out with the Latinos more and more, mostly playing soccer with them but they are in and out of the MTC in only a week and a half. But they are really patient and helpful with helping me learn new words and phrases.  But from here on out it looks like I will be speaking solamente español so don't be surprised if my grammar starts getting worse or I throw in a Spanish word here and there then. I even have a sticker on my name tag so people know to only talk to me in Spanish. 
One thing that has not been good is that there has been a sickness going around the MTC because of how close everyone interacts with each other. So this morning I went to the Doctor because I wasn't feeling well and as it turned out I have bronchitis. The good news is I am already feeling better from the medicine I was given. 

This week I had the opportunity to teach two volunteers off the streets of Mexico City. This is something that the MTC does called a TRC to help us speak to native spanish speakers. Each TRC is only about 20 mins but it was really fun to talk to someone different that isn't a missionary or they don't work at the MTC. We only had time for two lessons but each one ended up being just a regular conversations with a short message at the end. But despite how nervous i was for the first one I I'm really excited to do it again this week!  

That's it for this week, 
 Elder Brayton
Krispy Kreme!

More treats from home!

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