Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First Assignment in Chile!

Reading my first assignment

Elder Giadach from Chile is Elder Brayton's trainer for the next 3 months

I have finally made it to Chile! The flight here from Mexico wasn't terrible, except at one point one of our elders thought that he had lost his boarding pass. But by the time we made it to Santiago, we ran into another group of missionaries that were headed to Antofagasta from the MTC that is in Santiago. Non of them spoke English but one of the Hermanas (sisters) in the other group is from Haiti, so she knows French, Spanish, and a little bit of English so I thought that was really cool.
Anyway let me tell you about Chile and the people and my trainer. Antofagasta looks like Nevada with an ocean. But it is beautiful here. I haven't gotten sunburn yet which is good because it is the middle of summer here. And the Chileans are the nicest people you have ever met but they speak Spanish soooo fast. And more often than not to help them speak even faster they will cut off the last parts of their words so that they can go even faster! So coming here I feel like I am having to relearn Spanish, but its all good. I've been told that after about 3 months I will fit right in. And during that 3 months I am assigned a trainer. My trainer is Elder Giadach. And even though it is very hard now I know It will help me in the long run, but Elder Giadach is a CHILEAN!! He is from a city south of Santiago by about 4 hours. So this means that he talks so fast and also doesn't know much English. But this is giving me so much more practice with my Spanish then I could have imagined! I can already start to help in lessons and can understand about 1/3 of what people are saying. I can understand my companion almost 80% of the time because I listen to him all the time! But this is his last 3 months in the mission, so I am going to help him finish strong!

Oh and for my first area I am in Quito A in Antofagasta, Which is right in the heart of the city so I meet some interesting people, and I will be here for the next 3 months at least while I complete my training!

From here out I will not have enough time to respond to everyone but I would still like to hear from y'all!

Elder Brayton     
Elders headed to Chile from the Mexico MTC

Elders and Sisters leaving the Mexico MTC for Antofagasta Chile

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