Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hump Week


Well this week will be a very large milestone for me and my mission and my family as well! So Thursday, I think, it will be will my one year mark in this two year mission that I have been doing. To hear that for me, is beyond crazy!!. In most ways, it does not feel like I have been doing this for a year. But after thinking about it for a while it started to set in... of all the things that have happened over the last year.... I can kind of get the feeling of what all has happened. But its okay because everyone says that the second year goes by a ton faster and I 100% believe that. Ever since I was in Arica training elder Jimenez, time has been flying by like crazy. I have very mixed feelings because I am enjoying that the weeks are going by quick and I can watch the progress of all of these awesome people in my old areas, as well as my current area. But at the same time, I know that I need to cherish the time I have left because its all going to be passing by quicker than ever now. On the bright side to all this is that I think that I will be staying in Tierra Amarilla through Christmas and New Years, and possibly a month or two after that!

Two weeks ago in our sector I think that I said something about going to the back side of our area to find some new people and look for some old ones too. Also that we found a guy named Oscar that came up to us and invited us to come back. So what happened was this family was talking to other missionaries years ago and just kind of stopped for no particular reason. They were so excited to have the missionaries back in their house after so much time. The first time we went over there they told us that they want their two sons baptized and so me and Elder Gali were just as happy as we could have been. Even though this family lives over an hour away from the church building, they came!! Even more is that they showed up before us!! Because they had been the church in the past, everyone already knows who they are and remembers them from way back when. We have already been by twice this week and are planning to head back out there Tuesday. We have talked to the mission president about being able to use bikes if we can borrow some from a family, and he gave us the okay as long as we have helmets and something reflective like a vest or something. So that will save us a ton of time for when we go out there again and will also help us go to the other town that is in our sector! 

In our poor district this week, just about everyone ended up with some kind of sickness or infirmity, myself included. I got off pretty easy with some super crazy allergies. Right now this is still the spring season down here and summer vacation will start for the kids here in a couple of weeks. That also means is that there is some crazy pollen flying around in our area and that has gotten to me, but now I am all better and back to full energy!! Some of the other Elders have it way worse than me. I feel bad for them because they are all workaholics and can´t stand having down time. Of the four of them three of them are sick... One with a bad cough, another with pneumonia, and the last with a herniated disk. Nobody is sure what the last person did but he is in a good bit of pain and on a lot of meds right now. Just as a district in general we are falling apart. But everyone is getting better and hopefully everyone will be better by Christmas.

That is all for now. 
Elder Brayton

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