Monday, November 28, 2016

Vamos a la playa!!!

Elder Gali & Elder Brayton visit the beach in Caldera.

Everything that happened this week was amazing! This was the week of Thanksgiving and everyone here knows what that is but no one actually celebrates it. But Black Friday is the bandwagon that everyone has jumped on around here. They don`t even try to translate it, they just say black Friday like normal. But back to the real stuff. This year for me and my comp we didn`t spend Thanksgiving grubbing down like usual. In fact, the day of we just had some soup for lunch and some chicken and rice. It was very different from all of the previous years of celebrating Thanksgiving for both Elder Gali and I. But the quantity of food that we lacked that day was more than made up for with the lessons and the new people that we met. Sebastian, for one, is doing a ton better physically. He has some good color in his face and has more energy than he has had in the past. I was able to learn a bit more about his situation this week so that we could help him out a bit more. Basically something happened in his life about 4 years ago, and that left him really sad and eventually he got depressed. After some more time without doing anything about it that, depression started to affect him mentally and physically. More time passed and he lost a ton of weight and he just kind of shut down to the world. He still has a couple of problems from all weight that he lost but is overcoming that with much patience and faith. I cant believe how much he has improved in just the last 2 weeks! He is walking around and getting back some meat on his bones, and even better, has had less panic attacks from being out with many people. Just goes to show how much can be done through ones faith and the faith and actions of the family. 

I have got to at least mention about Enzo. I am not sure if I have mentioned about him before but if I haven`t,  I will introduce y'all. First off he has the same name as Enzo Ferrari, how cool is that! Second, he is a reference from our land lord here and they are family friends. When Enzo mentioned to him that he was looking for something that made more sense and could be explained better than just saying to save to be saved. So he told him to go to church next Sunday and for him to see for himself. Long story short, Enzo found what he was looking for and now me and him are just about best buds. He, just like myself, tries to understand everything that he can about a topic that interests him, including religion. When you find someone like that with 2 missionaries like Elder Gali and I who love to talk and explain... it leads to some very long lessons. Not that there is anything wrong with lessons like that, actually I really enjoy them because Enzo is always asking really good questions in an effort on his part to deepen his knowledge and testimony. By far the highlight of my week was when I gave Enzo a book with different art work from the scriptures, the life of Jesus, and even some photography. The book was mine but because he is so interested in different styles of painting and within the book there are various styles, plus all the works have a scripture story to go with it, I figured it could be good for him to study said stories if he got interested. When I gave it to him he was so lit up and happy. I kind of thought that he was going to cry but he held him self together. I am hoping that he will get baptized this next month because then after he could begin to prepare to serve his own mission if he wanted to! Enzo is 19 btw.

Today, because it is the last  P-day for Elder Walker and one other missionary in our zone, we organized to go to the beach in Caldera. It was fun and we ended up meeting up with the missionaries out there to have a BBQ on the beach and playing soccer. We actually started off playing football but the Latinos didn`t understand that they couldn`t tackle, so we cut that game short just so no one would get hurt. All of the gringos that were out there got super burnt, myself included... something that did happen was the Elder that was having back problems in my district ended up having to go home because of his back. The doctors here couldn`t find the exact cause so that kind of worried everyone more, so he got sent to the states to have a second opinion.

Have a great week!!
Elder Brayton

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