Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving week


Well, I have now finished my first year in the mission!! To celebrate Friday night, my comp and I went and bought a ton of food and then we came back to the house and ate and told stories about the mission. A couple of people have asked me if I burned a shirt for my first year and honestly I forgot to do it. Other than that, I didn´t do anything the day of but the day after we had a conference in Copiapo with a ton of youth in the stake. That was really fun for me because all we did was talk to them about how great a mission is and then we ate food! For whatever reason, Saturday we got given a ton of food!!! Like so much that we are still snacking on it today.
I really just want to talk about what happened last night. So last night after the ward counsel we went to visit a family that came to the church. Everyone in this family are members of the church but they have not been in forever. So we went and visited them. A of the members of the church went with us. The lesson and what we were talking about was unreal to me. After we got there, it took about 20 mins for the son to open up to us and start to share with us about what is going on with him. He explained that he suffers from a couple of different medical problems and that in the last couple of months it has gotten so bad that he can't leave his house that often. But on that particular day he knew that he wanted to go to church but refused to go to any other church than the one that he was baptized into. But, as he explained that and kept telling us more stuff about himself and his family I started to feel just an outstanding love for this guy sitting in front of me. He was just asking that someone help him and his family. We shared with him about the help that we can receive as we pray and that we can find through Jesus. I am really glad that the member was with us was there because she already loves to help people; especially when it is apparent that someone needs it. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have had up until this point in the mission. It also helped me understand when people say that there are people in your mission that are waiting for you to find them, and I think that Sebastian might have been waiting for awhile to get some help. I can't explain how excited I am to return tomorrow and to help him and his family return to feel the love of Christ. It also gave me something to be extremely thankful for this week and that helped me think about all the things that I am thankful for!

I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving! Everyone eat some turkey or ham for me because the Chilenos don´t really care what happened with the pilgrims way back when.

Love y´all a ton!!!

I am thankful for....
1) Ending the first of the 2 best years
2) My Parents, Sisters, and family that are all healthy and well 
3) Love and support that I get every week from friends and family
4) Everyone that motivated me to go on this amazing adventure
5) The opportunity to teach simple truths everyday
6) The other missionaries that I write to that are all over the world
7) Empanadas!!!!!! 

Elder Brayton

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