Monday, January 16, 2017

I stayed!!!

Jan 16,2017

Hi, Everyone!!

This week there were transfers and I stayed here! The other half of the missionaries that were in Copiapo have all gone to other cities. So that means that I will be here at least until the end of February. This will be the longest time that I have been in an area yet. I am excited because we have a lot coming up in these next couple of weeks. This next week Havier is going to get baptized! He has been listening to the missionaries for awhile in Palomar and recently moved to Tierra Amarilla and now he wants to get baptized. The week after that, Inez and Nelson are going to get married and baptized! That was going to happen this week but they have to attend some special class that the town does before they can get married. So the soonest that they could get the date for was the 27th of this month. So one week later they will still get married!! It will just give us and the branch extra time to get the party together for them and the baptism prepped! 

One cool thing that I finally finished about two weeks ago is a Spanish grammar book that I got way back in the MTC and I have been slowly working though it one chapter a week for the last year or so. It goes into crazy details about the spoken and written grammar of Spanish. It was really cool to learn so much about a different language and also learn some stuff about English as well. I´m pretty sure that now I know more Spanish grammar than English because I never had to take the time to learn English, it just happened as I grew up. In fact with the classes of English that I have been doing, it has been a struggle to try and explain every rule to people that don´t already know. 

I hope that you all have a great week!
Elder Brayton

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