Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 23, 2017
Mustache kitty!

This is going to be a really quick email. The one guy, Havier, that was going to get baptized isn't now. He was all ready to go had the interview and all, and then he decided that he wanted to move in with his girlfriend. So he is leaving the town to go live with her and now won't be able to get baptized. Yesterday for the branch counsel we talked for 3 hour talking about many things, including the wedding that is coming up this weekend. I am glad that the branch does counsels now but it takes forever for them to come up with ideas and agree on things. But if all goes good, the wedding will be this Friday at 6 pm, the baptism Saturday at 8 and then the confirmation Sunday! I'm not really sure what comes after that. The new zone is very different now. Before, we all got along super well but now nobody knows each other. But I know two of the new people that are new. One Elder that I met way back in Antofagasta, he is from Alabama so we get along like brothers. The other is a Sister missionary that was in the MTC with even further back. Crazy to think that she will be ending soon. But that is where we are at for this week.

Elder Brayton

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