Tuesday, March 22, 2016

4 Months and speaking fluent spanglish

Missionary eating, Chilean dog!

Something crazy that happened to us just last night was we were tracking in a part of our area that neither of us knew and it was really dark. While we were walking, we heard a couple of dogs barking at us from a house further up the mountain. This is super common because there are dogs everywhere. Then we started to hear more join in.... and more and more. It sounded like there were 25 dogs in this fence. Just as our luck has it, the gate was open. So, all of these dogs are booking it down the hill at us. All that me and my companion did was look at each other and then we ran like heck. But we were thinking different things. I was running to the main street where there was light and he ran to go grab a rock to throw at them. Whenever i turned around I saw 16 dogs coming after both of us! And not just little dogs. These dogs were labs and German Shepard. Neither of us got bit but we did get a bit scratched up whenever we were running because we slid down a little cliff to get away! I am not sure why there are so many dogs up there but I am sure that I am not going back up there anytime soon during the night.
This week as I was preparing 2 talks for a zone conference (Everyone prepares two and but only two will get called on randomly to give it) my original plan was to write it first in English and then translate them into Spanish but as I was writing them, I kept jumping back and forth between the 2 languages while I was writing. But this is something that I have been doing more and more during lessons and talking with other gringo missionaries too. I have gotten a lot better at catching myself but it is just cool to me that I am starting to be as comfortable speaking Spanish as I am speaking in English.  

Elder Brayton

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