Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter, Conference, and Transfers! Oh my!

Package from Lolly and Juan!
Ward activity
I will start with the last thing first today. This morning I helped Elder Giadach pack up his things for the last time and all 11 of the Elders that work in the office came and picked him up. He is finishing his mission this week and I am getting a new companion. But today, Giadach is having a class in the mission office for all those that are finishing, and the president of the mission is basically going to tell everyone there to go continue on with their lives, go back to school, go find a job or go get married. It is a very bittersweet moment for me because everything that I have learned up to this point about being a missionary has come from him, and from some of the stories that I have heard he was one of the best missionaries in this mission. But after he left, I met up with Elder Ormeño from Argentina and I am with him for the day. His companion got transferred to a different sector and so we are both waiting for our companions. His companion is going to be Elder Olives who just got finished training my old companion from the MTC, Elder Shelton. My new companion is going to be Elder Duke. I do not know a lot about him, all I have heard is that he is from California and is a really hard worker. And that he has about a 1 year and a half in the mission, so that will be good to be able to learn from another person with so much experience. But until then Elder Ormeño and I are waiting until 9:30 whenever they both should arrive.

This next weekend is General Conference and I am so pumped. Conference is where the General Authorities of the Church( The Prophet, Apostles, and other leaders) address everyone. It is broadcast in a ton of different languages so that seriously everyone has the opportunity to learn, and hear their messages. And I am especially excited because from what I hear, there is a gringo room where it is played in English and so all the gringo missionaries buy snacks to watch. It's just like a little party. In preparation I have bought enough food for me and my companion. 
This week is La Semana Santa(Holy Week) which is pretty much Easter but instead of being celebrated like a 3 day weekend it is all week. But even with this, the Chilenos still use the Easter bunny, I got to eat so much chocolate this week! It was great!!
 One last thing before I send this, I invite everyone to watch this short video about the Easter season.
Con amor de Chile
Elder Brayton

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