Monday, March 14, 2016

Autumn In Chile!

It has finally started to cool off here in Antofagasta. During the day it is still very warm and the sun is just as strong. I am pretty sure that somewhere in the world I am keeping a sunscreen factory in business. But I have started to notice that as soon as the sun goes down that the temperature plummets and depending on where we are in our sector it is cold even! As we are going into March it is cool to see everyone preparing for Easter. Even though in our pension the family that we live with still have their Christmas stuff up, so they are just a little behind. 

This week for service we helped the papito {Father} that we live with change out the cab on his truck. He got it from Santiago and before I told him that I could help him with whatever it was he was getting for his truck. But when he explained it to me the first time I only understood that he was going to buy a couple of parts. So despite the small miscommunication we managed to help him and get it all done in just a couple of hours. 

Also in Chile pretty much all of the schools have gone back into session. As we are getting closer to the end of this cambio {transfer} we are focusing our work more on finding more people to teach. For me this is very bitter sweet because I have the opportunity to meet tons of amazing people and opportunity to practice just talking to people and me getting to know others and them getting to know me in a different language. It has been amazing practice and watching myself progress as much as I have but at the same time it is helping me realize where my strengths and weaknesses are and what I need to work on next. The only down side to the finding phase is that this often means long days of lots of walking and lots of sun. It has also given me the opportunity to really appreciate the people of the local ward. In a talk by Elder Bednar he said that missionaries are the full time teachers and that members are the full time finders. This kind of changed the way I was thinking about finding people and the members of the ward. I have seen that as we have gained their trust and help them that they in turn will help us. Even though I may think that I know the area pretty good, the members not only know the area better than I do but they also know the people better. 
Also a bittersweet moment is that this is almost the last week of my companion's mission and also the last week of my training. It is crazy how fast the time is going by but I am also excited for the things that the Lord has in store for me!!!

Elder Brayton!!!   

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