Monday, August 1, 2016

Nos Quedamos! (We Stayed!)

On Top of the World!

Picture of Pacific Ocean Taken from the Morro de Arica
August, 1, 2016

We Stayed! Neither me or my companion left this cambio (transfer), which is a relief for the both of us because we are having a blast here in this sector. We are both getting ready to have a really successful time these next couple of weeks. We are planning to have a couple of baptisms and keep helping the ward here grow and retain everyone. I have seen huge growth since I got here. When I arrived there was an average of like 120 people in the church every Sunday.  A couple of times this past month we have seen the attendance up in the 150´s and 160´s which is HUGE for ward in Chile! The bishop has mentioned a couple of times that they might need to build another building out in Lluta (pronounced Utah) which is one of the other towns that we have to work in. That would be extremely exiting to be able to see that.  That is just a little extra motivation for me to work as had as I can!! 

Also my companion from the MTC, Elder Eager, is going to be training this transfer and I'm really excited for him because we are both in Arica and are both trainers. 
Other than that nothing else is pressing here. We are going to get a new sister missionary in our ward, and there was a prediction for an earthquake in Arica this past weekend but nothing happened. I don't think that you can really predict those..... welp anyways everyone have a great and safe week, 
Love Everyone!  
Elder Brayton 
Leading the Charge!
The Christ of La Concordia denotes the signature of the 1929 agreement between Peru and Chile. The statue weighs 15 tons and is 10 meters high.

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