Thursday, August 11, 2016

We Are Loving It Here!

This week!!! I am not sure what it was about this week if all of our hard work is starting to pay off or if we found like a really good groove or what. But we are seeing the fruits of our labors this week! This Saturday Alfonzo is going to get baptized. Alfonzo is 9 years old and all of his brothers and his dad are members of the church but haven't been in years and years and years. Or they were not going when we found them. But now the brother is passing the sacrament every Sunday and his older brother is starting to think about going on a mission!! And his mom, who is not a member of the church, is starting to receive the lessons and is showing a lot of interest in the church. But Alfonzo passed his interview yesterday and now we are planning the baptism for this Saturday!!
Also we got a new ward mission leader in the ward this past week and he is awesome!!! I'm positive that we are going to have a lot more success with this guy, his name is Gonzalo.

Everyone stay great!!
(Is it just me or are these emails getting shorter and shorter! Beau)

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