Monday, August 1, 2016

Work Hard, Baptize Converts!

Chefs in the kitchen!
July 25, 2016

So here is how the mission works, you don`t enjoy the work unless you are giving your 110%. This week here in Zapahuira, we started the week knowing that we had to play catch up because the week before my companion got super sick. So this week we went hard in our area and we had one of the most successful weeks of my mission I think! We found a TON, we taught even more, and what`s more important is that we have been helping a lot of our investigators get ready for their baptisms. Yáll better believe that all of the baptismal dates that I have been setting this week are going to be for August 20!! I'm all set to hopefully have a baptism the same day as my birthday!

A lot of people have been asking how I like being a trainer. To be 100% honest, it's not what I expected at all. For every missionary in the world that is starting the mission, there is a 12 week program to help them basically learn how to be a missionary in the mission field. Whenever I had to do it my first time in the mission when I was getting trained I wasn't a huge fan of it. But now that I am a trainer, I love it! I am pretty sure that I am learning more than Elder Jimenez right now. And Elder Jimenez thinks I'm a little crazy with the stuff that I do but we get along great! I am praying this week that we will stay together because this next week there are transfers. So I hope that this time next week we will still be together. But that's it from this side of the world. Everyone stay good!

Love yall!!
Elder Brayton

Fútbol fun!

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