Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bikes and Baptisms!

Feb., 13, 2017

Much less walking!

So this week, after many many weeks of searching we were able to accomplish something incredible for our sector and people living here. We got bikes! It is probably something that should have been bought awhile ago because the thing about Tierra Amarilla is that it is just one long road leading up into the valley so there is no way that we can get from one end to the other without walking a ton and taking up lots of time. From where we live to the far end of where we work normally it takes about an hour and a half on foot, and now it take about fifteen or twenty min. So what these are going to let us do is see more people in less time and also go out to places that the missionaries may have never been before to find some new people. We are planning to head to the other towns up the valley twice a week to see if there is potential, we hear that there is a medium sized town called Los Loros that if it had enough people could be a Branch. So that will be our next goal coming up these following weeks.
One thing that we are preparing for that will happen soon is that the Branch president is leaving to go live in the USA in March. So everyone, including me, is wondering who is going to be the replacement. I don´t think that I will be around to see that but it may just end up being the missionary that replaces me this next transfer. That or someone will be called in from left field to take his place.

Ines and Nelson, the couple that got baptized two weeks ago are now helping us more that any other members with the missionary work. The other day they sat us down and started talking about all of their friends that they want to share the gospel with, all the problems that they might have,and much more! They are golden. Going off of what they are wanting to do this week, we are starting to teach people how to teach their friends about the Gospel. We are going to have classes and practices just so the members can feel more comfortable sharing what they already know  and applying it to friends that might be passing for hard times. We don't have a name for the classes yet, but Bryan wants to call it the Order of the Phoenix or something to do with Harry Potter.
 Yesterday I gave a talk in church and I spoke a a lot about Luke 15 and Jacob 2 and the responsibilities that we have and the examples that we leave based on how we complete those responsibilities.

I hope that you all have a good week!
Elder Brayton

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