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March 13, 2017 

Dear Family and Friends,

So things here are back to normal for the most part, or as normal as things can get for the week that happened last week. I got my new companion, sort of. He is a mini missionary from Antofagasta. So he already has his missionary call to go to Quito, Ecuador, but while he is getting ready to leave he has come to Tierra Amarilla to help me out. It is very different from the time that I trained because usually whenever a missionary arrives to the field, they already have some experience from the MTC -- but my comp is coming straight from his house. He also doesn't have the same rules or expectations as I do, so it makes for some interesting days.

For example, he still has his phone and can use it how he wants to. It is pretty much like he is accompanying me all day more than anything. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for him having come here and him letting me work in Tierra Amarilla. Actually this week we had tons of success! We had two baptisms and in church we had more than 50 people! It was more than I had ever seen!! And we found tons of new people to teach this next week! But with all that happened, it has been harder than ever for me to get back on track.

Another selfie with the mini missionary

This week has taught me at least one thing that I won't be forgetting soon. Ever since my companion left, I was working with other missionaries in other sectors, and instead of feeling sorry for myself and my sector, I just focused on working as hard as I could in the area that I was in. The week last was very good for those in the other sectors, they both finished the weeks with baptisms and really good numbers. That same mentality that I had has carried over into this week and followed me to my own sector. Just about every morning that I woke up, I had to ask myself if I really thought I could make it through the day. Instead of dwelling on that, I would say a prayer and start getting ready. I know that I have been receiving a lot of extra help this week. I can feel it coming from home, from the other missionaries here in Copiapo, and from Heavenly Father. I have, without a doubt, seen miracles this week in Tierra Amarilla. These next couple of weeks won't be a walk in a park, but I also know that I won't be alone.

Thanks for all the emails and all the prayers!!

Elder Brayton

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